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TDDD Interviews: Ogilvy & Mather South Africa


As the university year started winding down before exams, I sought to gain some insight about digital and innovation from a fresh perspective. With an interview date set, I paid a visit to the Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town offices where I was warmly greeted by the perfect interview candidate for a tour around the office and an insightful chat.






Allow me to introduce you to Chris Rawlinson – a man of many successful projects, achievements and entertaining stories. Chris currently covers an executive role in Group Digital Innovations for the Ogilvy & Mather South Africa group. With a tech savvy career that started in creating smart-homes (think IoT, but more than a decade ago!), Chris got sidetracked in the wonderful world of advertising. Many successful technologically integrated advertising projects lead Chris to where he is today at Ogilvy. I was glad to get a moment of Chris’s time this week and it was a pleasure to hear about the many exciting projects that he has been involved with at Ogilvy.Chris

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TDDD Interviews: C6 Consulting and DMC SA


This week on the blog, my featured story dived into some great networking tips for young marketers. Eager to find out more about networking in the digital marketing industry, I attended a networking event last week and was lucky enough to set up an interview with one of the key figures behind C6 Consulting and the Digital Marketing Collective (DMC SA).








I’d like to introduce you to Rian Carstens, CEO of C6 Consulting and founding host of the monthly DMC SA digital marketing networking event. Rian has extensive experience in the digital marketing world. He’s taken on managerial and team leader roles in a variety of disciplines, ranging from SEO, PPC, social media, conversion optimization, display & affiliate advertising and web development. Throughout Rian’s career, networking has played a key role in allowing him to move from strength to strength in digital marketing. This week, I was glad to sit down with Rian to hear a bit more about C6 Consulting, DMC SA and the role of networking in digital marketing.Rian

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TDDD Interviews: Zest Mobile


With mobile being an important topic on the blog this week, I was lucky enough to get a 2nd mobile related interview. This time, I looked onto the tech and entrepreneurship side of mobile and spoke to the man behind a fast growing, proudly South African smartphone company with the vision to connect Africa with powerful, high quality technology at affordable prices.FeaturingZest





Meet David Lindeque, founder and CEO of Zest Mobile, finance student at UCT and my former res and digs roommate too! David has had an extremely busy year, with the launch of Zest’s first smartphone in the South African market – the Zest T1. With high demand, thousands of units sold to date, powerful partnerships, a growing community of Zest super-fans and support from the likes of MyBroadband, TechCentral and Gearburn – it certainly looks like there is a bright future for this smartphone start-up!


I caught up with David during the week to speak about his Zest Mobile journey.

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TDDD Interviews: Mobile Marketing Association SA and MaxAxion


With the help of SilverstoneCIS and the Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa (MMA SA), my featured story for the week revealed why mobile marketing is the closest marketers can get to consumers in South Africa. With many of the infographics and insights still fresh in my mind, I was fortunate enough to sit down with a professional in the field to further my mobile marketing adventure for the week.








Introducing Nicolle Harding, chair of the MMA SA and CEO of MaxAxion, a mobile media supply specialist company. Nicolle’s experience in media has spanned a number of roles and platforms, both internationally and within South Africa. She has worked with the likes of Haymarket Media Group, Primedia Online and Ad Dynamo, before finding her footing in mobile marketing, becoming CEO of her company MaxAxion and appointed chair of the MMA SA. Nicolle’s knowledge and experience in media and mobile marketing provided me with an insightful interview that I’m glad to share with my readers.

TDDD Interview5

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TDDD Interviews: Yuppiechef


With eCommerce being the flavour of the week on my blog’s featured story, I decided to get in touch with a friend from one of South Africa’s leading eCommerce retailers to talk about eCommerce in South Africa, the systems behind online shopping and the odd kitchen story too.






Introducing Chris Croxton, UCT entrepreneurship post-graduate and current Business Analyst at Yuppiechef – 4th time winning brand of the Best eCommerce Website in South Africa award. Chris has been at Yuppiechef for just over a year now, and has quickly grown into the fun and innovative culture of the Yuppiechef brand.


I was fortunate enough to have a guided tour around the Yuppiechef headquarters earlier in the year for a UCT retailing project, and was glad to be able to reconnect with Chris for this interview on the blog – the same day as Yuppiechef’s 8th birthday! Here’s a look at what we spoke about.

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TDDD Interviews: 8Bit Media and Dont Party


With a new week ahead of us, I’m excited to bring you our next installment in TDDD Interviews. Last week, my featured story delved into the bigger picture of content marketing. This week, we expand on this by chatting to a professional in the field of independent publishing, digital marketing and content marketing.Featuring2






Introducing Tom Kennedy – entrepreneur, blogger, digital and tech fanatic and, more recently, father to a newborn son. Tom’s first experiences in the digital realm began with his roots in blogging. In 2009, the nightlife and entertainment blog, Dont Party, was born, and is still going strong today with some of the most interesting and entertaining local and international content. In 2013, Tom and business partner, Richard, took on a collective independent publishing project with their start-up venture, 8Bit Media.Tom

Here’s what Tom had to say:

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TDDD Interviews: M&C Saatchi Abel and Recruit Digital


It’s a new week on The Digital Daydream Diary and I’m proud to present a new feature to you – TDDD Interviews. In this feature, we speak to the experts, the gurus, the insiders and the go-getters of the digital marketing and tech industries of South Africa. You’ll get to hear some of the insights and opinions from industry professionals as I bounce off a number of questions and ideas based on the current theme or topic, in an interview environment.








Last week, my featured story took a look at 10 reasons why digital marketing is important in South Africa. Keeping with the theme, I sought insight on digital marketing in South Africa from Johannesburg’s M&C Saatchi Abel agency and Recruit Digital. The result was a triple-header account with 3 digital marketing professionals.



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