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TDDD Interviews: Yuppiechef


With eCommerce being the flavour of the week on my blog’s featured story, I decided to get in touch with a friend from one of South Africa’s leading eCommerce retailers to talk about eCommerce in South Africa, the systems behind online shopping and the odd kitchen story too.






Introducing Chris Croxton, UCT entrepreneurship post-graduate and current Business Analyst at Yuppiechef – 4th time winning brand of the Best eCommerce Website in South Africa award. Chris has been at Yuppiechef for just over a year now, and has quickly grown into the fun and innovative culture of the Yuppiechef brand.


I was fortunate enough to have a guided tour around the Yuppiechef headquarters earlier in the year for a UCT retailing project, and was glad to be able to reconnect with Chris for this interview on the blog – the same day as Yuppiechef’s 8th birthday! Here’s a look at what we spoke about.

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Featured Story: eCommerce in South Africa


Why step outside, sit in traffic and browse through shopping aisles when you could just turn on your computer, purchase groceries from Pick N Pay Online, kitchen tools from Yuppiechef, a Masterchef DVD from Kalahari.com and a trendy new chef apron from Takealot? eCommerce in South Africa is picking up and with just a couple of clicks online and an overnight delivery service, all of these items and more could be delivered straight to your door.E-commerce-SA


I decided to have an in-depth look at South Africa’s eCommerce industry, noting many of the positives and negatives along the way. With the help of Effective Measure and IAB South Africa’s “South African eCommerce Report 2014,” I was able to dig up some interesting insights to share with you.

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