Let’s Talk Tech: Getting Comfortable With Wearable Tech

LTTEnter the fast-moving world of wearable tech, where you can change TV channel with a thumb gesture, search the web by asking your glasses a question, check emails on your wrist or track your health and fitness with a bracelet. All of this and more is possible with wearable tech, and with the trend starting to find stability in 2014, we may start to see the commercialization and adoption of a lot more wearable tech products from both new and reputable brands.isthis

So let’s get down to the crux of it – what is this all about? Basically, the wearable tech revolution has seen hardware and software developers come up with wearable pieces of technology that improve the way that we go about our lives on a daily basis. The purposes for wearable tech range widely – from something as simple as pushing notifications to be seen at a glance, to more complicated purposes such as health tracking and augmented reality. All in all, most wearable tech devices have been created to improve the way that we do things, make day to day activities more convenient and to seamlessly work and fit with the way our bodies are made. Many technology professionals and commentators have tipped wearable tech as a trend that will gain great momentum in 2014, and be effortlessly integrated into our lives as soon as 2020.


Let’s take a look at some of the categories taking shape.