Take A Break: Tiyo

Take A Break

Ever been in a situation you wanted to get out of instantly? Tiyo is your exit strategy!

Tiyo (which stands for: “this is your exit”) is a Canadian start-up company that looked at creating a sneaky opt-out solution for undesirable social situations. Their product is intended to rescue you from awkward, boring or annoying encounters by linking to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the press of a key-ring panic button, your phone will ring and give you the opportunity to use a pre-planned exit excuse, or to make one up on the spot.


The company is currently running a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo. But with just 1 day left and still 95% of their $100000 investment target remaining, it doesn’t look likely that the Tiyo will be getting any customers out of undesirable social situations any time soon!