Take A Break: YouTube Complaints

Take A Break

I know it’s a Monday, but take a break! Right now, I sure am. In fact, as you read this I’m probably on a game drive in the Kruger Park. The blog will be back in full swing as of next week, with featured stories and interviews. But in the mean time, it’s time to ease you into our next theme – content marketing.

Indeed, a powerful content marketing tool, YouTube has helped brands and individuals to tell their stories and share their moments since its inception in 2005. With over 100 hours of video content uploaded per minute, YouTube has certainly helped twerkers, harlem shakers and gangnam stylers do their thing. But what happens when the people of the Internet complain? Here’s the answer!TAB2 copy

This fictional funny video features a number of disgruntled YouTube users venting their frustrations and grievances to the receptionist at YouTube headquarters. Take a break and have a laugh!




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