Take A Break: Street Hack

Take A Break

This week’s tech feature demonstrated that the so called Internet of Things (IoT) has profound abilities to connect, control and automate many of the objects and devices we use on a daily basis. From lighting, thermostats, appliances, security, sports and even toothbrushes; IoT can assist in bringing about a new world of convenience and automation to the palm of your hand.

But what if you took this idea a step further and had the ability to control street lights, traffic lights, cars and ATM’s with IoT connectivity via your smartphone? Ubisoft has the answer with their amazing (and equally amusing) Street Hack video.StreetHack

French video gaming giant, Ubisoft, released a new game called Watch Dogs earlier this year that allowed users to roam Chicago as a professional hacker seeking revenge following the death of his niece. As part of the promotion for their new game, Ubisoft released a Street Hack video prank that saw real-life customers at a small Los Angeles phone repair shop have their smartphones transformed into powerful street hacking devices. The results were awesome and the reactions were priceless!




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